Writing Life

Stuck on an Island Without a Tribe

I live on an island. My job has taken me to the wonderful island of Oahu, and while I’m adjusting well to the sea, sun and surf I’m feeling stuck in my writing.

At my old home I had a writing group that I went to regularly, critique partners who would help me wedge out the problems of my manuscript and inspire me to write for the next session. We were all working on different projects, but a few people understood my genre and the phase of my manuscript. We had gotten to the point where I’d read a few of their chapters and they had read several of mine. We knew each other’s stories, characters and our struggles. It was nice.

Since moving I’m struggling to find the same support. Mostly because moving sucks when you’re an introvert, and it takes me roughly a whole year to carve out the places that are mine and people who I click with. I’m on a island, a place with great coffee shops but little to pick from when it comes to writing groups.

I’ve turned to the internet and have reached out to online critique partners for assistance but usually hear nothing back.

It is hard to move and start over from scratch. I feel like I’m stuck and by extension like my manuscript is stuck as well. I usually like that writing is a solo sport, but we can’t understate the importance of being around other creative people.  Extroverts get energy from talking to people, but I only get that way when talking to other writers (or other nerds.) People like me: MY TRIBE!!

Now I am on a new island, without my tribe. I’m still looking, but feeling lost at sea. This is not a new struggle, but I haven’t quite figured out how to deal with it. All I can do is keep writing blog posts, keep trying to engage with the community until I find a place that feels like home. Eventually I will, eventually I always do, even if I have to build a community myself.

So, if you’ve just moved to a new place or if you live somewhere without a local writing group- I feel ya. I’m here for you. We can be friends over this thing called the World Wide Web. I encourage you not to give up, keeping looking for your tribe! Reach out to people. Don’t be afraid. If all else fails reach out to me, I always like making new friends.

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