Writing Life

Never Enough Time

I am BACK, with no excuses. Bloggers always apologize because, “Life got busy,” and it did- it IS busy. But it is busy for everyone. The trick is trying to find the time to blog, and write, and workout, and work so I can feed my family.

How does anyone do it all?

Well, the big answer is you can’t. And I’m having to come to terms with that. I’m finding places where I have to decide, homework tonight, editing tomorrow, writing the day after that. I’m not writing everyday, but that’s ok as long as I’m working on my creative projects in some way. And that’s my advice for you before reading everything below. While I think writing everyday is important, you have to take care of yourself.

So don’t make writing everyday your goal, but try to do something involving writing. Critique a friend’s story, edit a previous chapter, even making time to READ will help fuel your creativity.

I always make sure to do one of these things in a day, with a goal in mind. My thought process is like this, “Well I can’t write today, my head isn’t in the right place… but I can read 50 pages of that book.”

The key is setting small goals so when you accomplish them you can move on to the next. The more you do in a day, the better you feel about yourself. For example, lets say you read those 50 pages and you still have time. Maybe those pages have fueled your creativity and you plan to write now, great! Make that the next goal.

If I can accomplish three out of the daily four tasks I set for myself everyday (Run, Write, Homework, Edit) I feel good about myself. Keep working hard on your craft, and take those little steps towards success. As long as you are moving forward, that is what is important!

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