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Tweeting and Writing

A year ago I wasn’t a big twitter user. I didn’t know how to utilize it and I didn’t really understand how it would benefit me. Now the twitter addiction is strong. Believe it or not as an aspiring writer, established writer, and even just a reader twitter can be the best way for you to get to know your favorite authors and get the latest news on what is happening in the industry.

Getting Started?

As a reader or writer start out by following your favorite booktubers and authors. If you write, it would benefit you to follow agents and editors who you are planning to query. Often times these industry professional will tweet about what they are looking for and what frustrates them. (Check out My Manuscript Wish List Hashtag mentioned below #MSWL) I’ll also say the more writers and authors you follow the more you see things that matter to the community. I’ve kept up with a lot of news regarding RWA, romance novels, the science fiction community, and YA books because of the men and women I follow.

Find hashtags that relate to writing and follow them. Once you find your favorite hashtags you can select Save Search so you’ll have a quick link to these tags and be able to follow them in the future.

Use hashtags and keywords to be seen. Your tweet will reach no one except your followers if you don’t use any hashtags so use them when they fit. Below I’ll provide some good starter tags that you can save, follow, and use.

Engage with the community. Twitter is fun to read and lurk in, but to build your brand you need to be active! I always take 15 minutes to engage with different people on twitter.  You can favorite a funny tweet or let your favorite author know you loved their latest book. The great thing about twitter is you can interact with your favorite authors, but make sure you reach out to people in the beginning stages of writing as well. One by one you’ll make new followers and make new friends by doing this.

As an aspiring writer, I’d also recommend you talk about your book! Post a #thursdayaesthetic or talk about a victorious moment in #WIPjoy. You can also create your own hashtag or weekly reveal for your story. Tease your concept out into the world and see who is excited about it.

There are also monthly challenges to help inspire twitter posts. Two big ones right now appear to be #PWPOEPrompt and #Themerrywriter. If you look up #writingchallenge or search for those keywords I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your genre and desire.

How to use Hashtags

Below is a great list of hashtags to start you off. Gripe about your word count, encourage each other, pitch your story. There is so much to look at and so little time. I also recommend if you go to a convention or writing workshop use their hashtag!


Tags to follow for editors and agents:
#MSWL : Which also has a website for a list of agents and what they are looking for.
#pitchwars : Also has a website


What are some of your favorite hashtags? Let me know if you have some tips and tricks of your own! And of course, follow me on twitter! @caradeelight


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