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Mid Year Check In

I realized while looking back at my past posts that I started this blog near the beginning of the year. While I remember some of my New Year Writer Resolution’s I never wrote them down.

Being in the military means I have learned to be VERY goal oriented. Writing things down and checking them off helps inspire me and reminds me I’m working towards something. So below are my writing goals for the year and how I’m progressing so far!

1. Read 40 Books 
Currently at 23/40! On track!

2. Find New Writer Friends:
I’m happy to announce that I’ve found a small circle of writers on this little island!

3. Attend Romantic Times Convention 2018
✔ And it was AWESOME!

4. Do FINAL edits on Romance Novel
✔ Edits are never final but I’ve finished what I think are the final edits.

5. Start Submitting Queries to Agents in July
✔ Done! 10 Agents submitted so far, 3 Rejections

6. Complete Nanowrimo 2018
TBD November 2018

7. Start a Writing Blog
✔ Oh hello there!

There is a lot I’ve accomplished in just seven months, and there is still a ton I want to get done! I’ve never felt more motivated and inspired by the community. No matter what, by the end of the year- I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. So I’d like to add to my list…

8. Start rewrite of my Science Fiction novel 

9. Compete in more writing contests 

10. Gain 200 twitter followers

Wow. All that together seems like a lot, but I’ve already completed 50% of my goals!

Notice that I’ve made the goals manageable. I wrote, “Start to rewrite” instead of “complete the rewrite” because… well, I’m realistic. I’d love to write, “Acquire an agent by the end of the year” but that isn’t a goal I can control.

Create goals that can be completed if YOU put the time and effort into them. Write them down and don’t forget to brag when you do accomplish something!

My biggest resolution this year that applies to all aspects of my life is: Don’t let fear control you!

I talked about this a little as I begin my querying journey and will talk about it more in next week’s post. Tackling that Science Fiction rewrite has been something I’ve dreaded for years. Attending a new writing group and making new friends is always scary, no matter how many times I do it. But I’m putting myself out of my comfort zone and doing all the things!

Facing my fears is a resolution I can’t simply check off. It is a constant presence in my life, but it has helped me accomplish SO much.

I hope this helps some of you who are feeling like you haven’t accomplished any writing goals this year! The year isn’t over yet, so make manageable goals and write done some of the things you HAVE done. It will make you feel so much more productive. Writing is a job / hobby that is dependent on you.

We’ll check in at the end of the year. Hopefully, I can keep up this fighting spirit until then. I wish you all luck on your goals- share your own progress below and we can cheer each other on!

If you have any questions, just ask. I love helping writers be more productive and feel good about their hard work.

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