Writing Life

Monthly Celebrations – October

Hello everyone! Today I don’t really have any writing tips or tricks but instead am just lamenting about my current writing status, despairs, and achievements! This month has been nothing but chaotic for me, which is good, but I often feel like I’m not getting everything I want to achieve done.

At the same time, a LOT has happened! A lot of good and nerve-wracking things, that I can share with you all.

First, I’ve done a lot of traveling to my home away from home- Japan. I can’t express enough how much I love this country. I have also deeply missed the fall vibes since I’ve moved to an island, so it was nice to shake out the sweater and cozy up in a Japanese coffee shop for a night or two. The trip was for work, but when I wasn’t in the office you can bet I hit up some of my favorite places in Tokyo (mainly, Akihabara and Ikebukuro.) Bought some amazing looking stationary (sooo many adorable stickers) and manga that I’m trying desperately not to suck me into “translation land.” If you would like to see some pictures just check out the Instagram feed!

Unfortunately, not a lot of writing got done. If any did, it was for school.

Speaking of school, I’m still chipping away on this History degree. At times it can be overwhelming; with a full-time job and a (WIP) manuscript, I’m trying desperately to stay motivated to learn and do my best with each class. I can’t help but feel like there is so much I need to read and learn like I’m always falling behind. The time for pleasure reading has fallen to the wayside in order to keep up with classes, (which is always a bummer.) I’ve turned away from writing podcasts at the moment and more towards history podcasts to help me learn while I putter around the house. If you’re interested here are some recommendations!

I am especially enjoying the History Fangirl podcast. Their episode on historic love was right up my alley as a writer of Romance. One of the reasons I love history is because of the stories buried deep in the pages of historic text. So much DRAMA, So much ROMANCE! Some stories are amazing and truly inspire me as a writer!

Here is an example if you’re interested!

Finally, early this month I realized it had been nearly three months since I submitted my first batch of queries. I had also submitted to two contests to get a feel of what authors in my genre felt about my first few chapters.

Three months later none of the contests picked me as a finalist and no agents had yet asked for a full MS. I was feeling… done, even though I know this is the name of the game.

Then it happened. Not even two days after a gut punch of doubt I got an email from an agent requesting a full. I was thrilled, it was just the boost I needed!

Now here’s the thing, I know this doesn’t mean she’ll pick my MS. She could request and still pass on it, and I’ll have to wait another eight to ten weeks to find out. I know all of this, but still, it means I’m doing something right. My query, which I sent to her, had engaged her. So that wasn’t my weak spot.

From the feedback in the contests, I have a better idea of what my weak spot is, and I can work to improve it, then send my MS out to agents again in another batch of query letters. I’m planning on doing this by the end of the month!

I know that rejection is a part of this game and I’m getting through it alright. Thanks to the twitter writers who cheered me on when I mentioned the full request and my writing group who cheered me on and helped me with one last frantic edit of my piece before sending it to the agent. And the published authors who have talked time (V.E. Schwab) and time (Susan Dennard) and time again about their own rejections. These are why I can continue to accept rejection and keep working.

So thanks guys!


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