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Monthly Celebrations – November


Well, I didn’t do as many monthly posts as I wanted to this November but there is a VERY good reason for that! This month was Busy (with a capital B.) Not just because of Nano but because I did a lot of other things worth celebrating!


First, I ran a half marathon! After some serious leg injuries earlier this year, I was starting to think I couldn’t do it anymore. But I managed it, with no problems!  (And then I promptly collapsed and got no writing done that day.)

Then I finished another class that required two large papers this month!

This is where my posts on time-management really paid off. I knew I would be writing well over 50K this month with my obligation for class. So I fought the urge to procrastinate and tried to have my papers done a week before they were due so I could spend time cleaning the draft, making sure my sources were ok, and that everything was good. Don’t get the wrong impression, I am NOT a good student. I slacked in other areas due to my overcommitments this month, but my papers were the majority of the grade so I put in the majority of my effort.

And, not to brag, but both papers this month got an A! *Does a dance!*

As if writing 50K words and two papers weren’t enough I have also fallen down the dark abyss that is tabletop RPG games. Unfortunately, we have a group of friends interested to play DnD but no one experienced enough to DM. Which is where I come in…

So, I ran my first DnD campaign. It was a premade one,  but it was nerve-wracking none the less. Being the DM for the first time meant I felt compelled to know every rule, every NPC, and think up fun improve moments in case the players got off track. I felt like I was studying for a test, writing down every possible scenario and ways to make my players feel special.

Everything went well and my confidence as a story-weaving DM is climbing slowly. I find myself falling more and more in love with DnD and tabletop RPGs as a whole.

Finally, *Trumpets please*

I finished NANO! 

This is probably the biggest surprise accomplishment for me. With everything else going on this month I was sure I would fall off the bandwagon. There were days where I got no writing done and days where I didn’t meet the word count goal.

In the end, I got 50K out of a 100K story rewritten. It is still a mess, but it did remind me that the story had merit. The fact that I managed this with everything else going on is just amazing to me! I never thought I would do so much in the month of November!

The best part of the month was connecting with fellow writers and cheering each other on! I remember doing Nano for the first time in high school, by myself, without anything like twitter or facebook to connect me. (Back then I have friends on LiveJournal who participated with me, remember livejournal?) Having my local “Shut Up and Write” Group did wonders as they encouraged me and carved out 2-3 hours every week where I knew I would be working on Nano or my papers.

So it has been awesome guys! I think this month has been one of my most productive months of the year! Though I didn’t get any work done as far as querying goes. (Whoops)

What’s Next? 

Time to start a new class! Work on some short story ideas that have been plaguing me and send out more queries! I thinking about putting together an anthology of 80s inspired DnD stories. Super excited to jump into that!

I’m also going to continue to explore my new found love of Dungeon Mastering.

Take the time to recognize some of your own accomplishments. Did you finish Nano? Did you do something this month on your To-Do list? Let me know! 

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