Heroes of Olympus

 The Tragedy of Greek Heroes: Part One


One of the themes my Romance Novel series explores is the Tragic Greek Hero. In one line my Hero laments, “It was best not to think about life as a mortal. Because heroes never got happy endings.”

I wanted to take the time today to expand on this a little bit. So often we are told that heroes get happy endings: They slay the dragon, save the damsel, live happily ever after. Happy endings are certainly expected in Romance Novels (and spoiler, my stories all have happy endings) but for Greek heroes that often wasn’t the case.

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Writing Life

The Appeal of Greek Romance

My current project explores ancient Greek heroes and ancient Greek mythology in a modern setting. I’m a long time fan of romance novels featuring grizzly Scotsmen, devilish dukes, and buff athletes, but I have also always been a fan of the ancient Greek men.

Why make these men the subject of romance novels? Well, let me list the ways…

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